Channel Combat by Adrian Rigby

Channel Combat by Adrian Rigby

co-signed by Squadron Leader B G Stapleton DFC (now deceased), Flight Commander of 257 and 247 Squadrons

Image size: 28 x 53 cms

295 copies

£125 mounted


This scene depicts a Spitfire of No.609 Squadron being bounced by Messerschmitt 109s over the Needles on the Isle of Wight, using the typical Luftwaffe tactic of flying out of the sun. This particular aircraft was flown during August 1940 by one of the great aces of the Battle of Britain, Flight Lieutenant John Dundas, who shot down twelve enemy aircraft. His greatest achievement was shooting downing Major Helmut Wick, the German ace on 29th November. Sadly Dundas was shot down and killed the following day by Wicks wingman, Lieutenant Pflanz, who also lost his life. A dramatic end for a great pilot, Dundas was a typical example of the calibre of man defending Britain at that time.