Bespoke Stretcher Bars

We cut stretcher bars on the premises for stretching paintings and prints on canvas.  Made in Britain from kiln dried pine, our traditional picture stretchers come with ply wedges to adjust the tension of the canvas once stretched unlike modern cheap mitred stretcher bars which have no allowance for adjusting tension.

Our standard stretcher bar is 19 mm deep and 43 mm wide and made of kiln dried pine.  Two sets can be screwed together to make a double thickness stretcher of 38mm depth.  We recommend centre bars on stretchers over 36” and cross bars where both sides exceed 36”.   We cut stretchers to your specifications, from 15 cm to 300 cm.  We are limited only by the length of the stretcher bar so can cut oversized stretchers for you.

Special Sized Stretched Canvasses 
If you require a special size stretched canvas, we can cut the stretcher bars for you.  We also make stretched canvases to any size.  We can supply these either stapled on the side or on the back with clean sides. We supply businesses and individuals with single sets or quantity.  Trade discounts are available for bulk and business orders.

Standard retail price is 18p per inch (36p per inch per pair) with an extra charge for centre and cross bars (inc VAT). Visit our new stretcher bars website at
  • We use kiln dried pine for our stretchers.
  • All of our stretchers are priced per pair, not individually.
  • All stretchers come with ply wedges.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements or for prices.