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Rob Ford Original Paintings

When at work in the studio I like to keep things as simple as possible. I choose a basic palette of primary colours, burnt sienna and white, the last two I seem to use in vast quantities. I prefer to work in oil paint, not only for its well-stood tradition, but its ease of use. I rarely have patience that is required for watercolours and have developed a kind of love-hate relationship with acrylics. I greatly admire people who work with these mediums on a day-to-day basis.

I prepare the ground upon which I am to work and finish it in sienna, sanguine or an ochre shade. This serves two purposes. Firstly, I find the task of starting work much easier; there's nothing worse than the feeling of being confronted by a large pure white surface. Secondly, I like to use these ground colours to shine through the layers I place over them. In landscape paintings I use very little red in my palette and lay thin glazes of grey and blue over a coloured ground creating the 'purple-pink' effect. The foreground, again has to be under painted, but I may lay a thicker ground by using a dry-brushing technique in ultramarines and sienna or simply applying the paint in thick lashes by brush. This helps to build the texture. I build the foreground to hopefully give the impression of a breeze blowing over a field or light dancing on an evening scene. I use a combination of techniques to create the moods and light in my paintings. The only problem is, I keep running out of paint!
Sepia Storm by Rob Ford
Original Oil on Board
22" x 14"
£595 framed