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Karen Wallis-Coleman Original Paintings

Karen’s stunning figurative work conveys a tenderness and appreciation of the female form. These gentle and mysterious images convey the magic and enchantment of feminine thoughts and dreams.  Painting in oils using several glazes of thin paint, overlaid with impasto; she creates hazy and evocative images. The concept of combining fine art and abstract elements results in images which are traditional in manner but have a very contemporary edge.  Karen paints her models with soft detail and then sets them in imaginary space, with a feeling of drifting light and air, which allows the viewer to create their own world.

All our pictures are available to view in the gallery but if you can't get to us we are happy to email you extra images. Please contact us if you need any further information about any of our artworks.

Sunflower Meadow by Karen Wallis-Coleman
Oil on Board
14" x 16"
£450 framed


Scarlett IV by Karen Wallis
Original Oil Painting
8" x 20" Box Canvas


Poppy Meadow by Karen Wallis-Coleman
Oil on Board
14" x 16"
£450 framed

In Full Bloom I & II by Karen Wallis
Oil on Box Canvas (white sides)
2@ 12" x 18"
£895 for pair