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Elaine Cooper Limited Edition Prints & Original Paintings

Elaine was born in Northern England & whilst her love of painting was kindled at primary school her choice of career was as a designer. During this period Elaine made a name for herself working with some of the top UK & American textile companies creating exclusive original designs. Following a brief period, teaching Art, Elaine seized the opportunity to pursue her first love of painting. Now an established Artist, Elaine creates bold vibrant images that glow with colour and texture. Her background in Design has given her an exceptional command of composition and colour seized upon by those who first published her work several years ago. Elaine Cooper’s original concept of the crooked house with hot air balloons, vibrant colours, set within rolling hills and finished to a high shine has remained a favourite with her collectors for many years.

Elaine says that spending time in the West Country with its ancient coastal culture has inspired some of her favourite harbour scenes. She feels that he old houses that have looked out to sea for hundreds of years, with their tiny windows and vibrant colours, have a fascination all of their own. She also finds cats fascinating creatures, aloof and independent yet affectionate and loving. The playful cats she paints are not the domestic kitten curled up in the hearth by a crackling fire; they have a special home roaming the alleyways and mysterious passages of these ancient towns, full of humour and fun. It is their world.

Uptown I by Elaine Cooper
Signed Limited Edition on board (no glass required)
Number 2 of 295 copies
Supplied framed in 43mm walnut effect frame with cream fillet.
Includes certificate of authenticity
Image size: 24 x 63 cm
Framed size 35.5 x 74.5 cm
£150 framed